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BRG Team

Roofing Assesment and Design

B&B Consulting

Drew Bauer

Owner and Primary Consultant

Roofing Consultant



Drew has over 14 years of roofing and waterproofing.  He is the Owner and Primary consultant for B&B Consulting in Phoenix, AZ and has worked all around the Western United States on large commercial and institutional projects.  Evaluation, Design, Management and Litigation Assistance are the primary services offered by B&B.  A complete and scientific approach to roofing and waterproofing are paired with practical experience and a dedication to problem free projects.  B&B has overseen the installation of more than 3 million square feet of roofing in the last two years and has been actively involved in the largest rooftop photovoltaic projects in the State of Arizona.  B&B has worked with bo ARCH on several roofing projects and assisted in the evaluations of existing systems.


Structural Issues

James Lane Engineering

James Lane, P.E., SE, LEED AP

Principal Structural Engineer

Structural Engineering Services

Special Inspections


James Lane started his career in the construction industry in the fall of 1975. Over 42 years being associated with construction industry. He practiced as structural engineer since beginning of 1989. Over 28 years of experience as a structural engineer. Expert with structural building materials and their application in the building industry. Materials include Steel, Wood, Concrete, Masonry, Cold-Formed Steel, ICF’s, and Aluminum. Expert with structural systems to include soils, foundation types.  


Asbestos Surveys

Hutzel and Associates

Robert Hutzel, CIH, CSP


Asbestos Testing


Mr. Hutzel has been in the safety and health profession for nearly 40 years. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and a Certified Safety Professional (CSP), EPA Certified AHERA Building Inspector and Project Designer. He has worked for Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH), and the University of Arizona as an industrial hygienist. Mr. Hutzel developed the corporate industrial hygiene program for Salt River Project, and has provided hundreds of clients with professional consulting services for over 20 years. He is currently an Associate Faculty member at Arizona State University where he teaches two courses in Industrial Hygiene, he served on the Arizona OSHA Review Board, and is a member of the Technical Registrars' committee for developing cleanup standards for meth drug labs. Mr. Hutzel has published in the American Journal of Industrial Hygiene and has given speeches and training courses throughout the United States and Canada. He founded Hutzel & Associates, Inc. in 1990.

MP&E Services


Sameer Pandey, PE, CEM, LEED

Principal Engineer

Mechanical & Engergy Engineering Consultant


Building Energy Solutions Provider (BESP) is established to provide mechanical and energy engineering services to public as well as private commercial establishments. BESP has an extensive experience in mechanical and energy efficiency projects, including performance contracting projects for public schools in the State of Arizona. Our expertise is in providing engineering services to our clients with complete design and optimization support. 



David Thomas P. E.

Environmental Engineering

Geotechnical Investigations

Material Testing

Settlement Issues

Mr. Thomas has managed and performed all relevant activities relating to geotechnical investigations and evaluations.  This includes supervising field activities for projects ranging in size from small commercial and residential projects to large highway and bridge projects and preparing geotechnical engineering reports for a variety of public-and private-sector clients.  He has also conducted Phase I, Phase II and Phase III environmental site assessments and UST investigations.  His responsibilities at RAMM include oversight of field activities including supervising drill crews, logging test borings, visually classifying soils and bedrock during drilling operations and retrieving samples for laboratory testing.  He is also responsible for outlining and evaluating laboratory testing programs, performing engineering evaluations and preparing engineering reports.  He also performs peer review of reports prepared by others.


Drainage Issues

Civil Design Solutions, L.L.C.

Stephen B. Turner

Principal Civil Engineer

Civil Engineering


Civil Design Solutions was formed in Phoenix, Arizona. From its outset, the firm has provided consulting services to our client to ensure a sucessful and profitable project. Civil Design Solutions offers an array of capabilities specifically targeted to the requirements of the real estate acquisition through a combination of development experience, financial modeling, forensic engineering, construction and construction management and property management.  Our mission is to provide high-quality superior services to our customers and our investment partners. By combining our highly talented team and our exceptional resources with a strong entrepreneurial drive, we create relationships with our clients to take the guess work out buying income generating property.


Eduard Goheen, P.E.

Chief Estimator


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